The ICS is a student-managed makerspace supported by the Tickle College of Engineering and hosted by the Engineering Fundamentals Division, located in the basement of Perkins Halls.

3D Printing

The ICS has over 25 different printers of various types and sizes. The materials used are mainly PLA and ABS

Laser Cutters

The ICS has two laser cutters that can cut through various materials with high accuracy or create engravings

And More

In addition to 3D printing and laser cutters the ICS also has things like microcontrollers, CNC, CAD Stations, and more.

Python Workshop

A beginner friendly introduction to Python. This workshop will introduce you to the Python environment, going through concepts such as variables, functions, and modules. Taught by Henry Gilbert. Sign up by the clicking the link here, or email hgilber1@vols.utk.edu

Wood Workshop

On Tuesday, November 13th, we will be having a wood workshop, in which prospective students can make a multi-use holder for their phone, keys, wallet, and other things. The workshop will take place at 5:00PM. Students of all experience levels are welcome! Click here to register.

Maker Thursdays

The Innovation and Collaboration Studio (ICS) in the basement of Perkins will be hosting “Maker Thursdays” select Thursday evenings starting at 5:30pm in the spring semester. Topics for Maker Thursdays include 3D printing, CAD drawing, and wood working. Maker Thursdays are open to any student in the Tickle College of Engineering.  Registration required: http://ef.engr.utk.edu/ics/makerthursdays