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Engage The Engage Living and Learning Community provides a supportive environment for first-year students who have been admitted to the College of Engineering. Engage is founded on the common coursework, Engineering Fundamentals, which first-year engineering students take. The Engage curriculum includes courses where student teams perform project-oriented, hands-on activities in physics and computer applications.

College of Engineering students are not required to reside in Engage, but those who choose to live in this community will benefit from living on the same residence hall floor with other first-year engineering students. This makes it easy to share notes from study groups, and to develop a sense of camaraderie, as “everyone is in it together.” Engage members not only form strong bonds and develop personal relationships with other future engineers but will also start networking early for summer jobs, internships, and course projects.

Community Requirements

Eligible students must be admitted to the College of Engineering.

College of Engineering students who will be enrolled in Engineering Fundamentals Courses or Math 130 their first semester are eligible to participate in the community. Engineering students who are in the Haslam Scholars or Chancellor’s Honors Program (Honors Engineering) may choose to live in the Engage or Honors community.

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