Accessing MATLAB

There are many options for accessing MATLAB to complete your EF230 coursework:

  • link: cloud based MATLAB accessible from any device with a web browser. To use MATLAB Online you need to have a Mathworks account associated with the current UT TAH license activation key. (see below)
  • Install MATLAB on your computer. For your projects, you will need to install MATLAB on your laptop (minimum of one per team) in order to communicate with your hardware. You should do this before we start the projects. Follow Install instructions below.
  • Use the EF computer lab in Perkins 208 and other UT computer labs.
  • Use the UT APP SERVER: This allows you identical access to what you have in the classroom. Help can be found here: How to use Apps@UT.
  • MATLAB Mobile: ligthweight version of MATLAB for smartphones and tablets with limited capabilities (will not be sufficient to complete all labs and assignments). Allows acquisition of smartphone sensor data to the Mathworks CLOUD/laptop. To use MATLAB Mobile you need to have a Mathworks account associated with the current UT TAH license activation key. This will be a good tool for your team projects. (see below)

Creating a Mathwork's Account and Associating your account with UT's current license

UT has a total academic headcount (TAH) license for MATLAB, therefore you can install and use MATLAB on any computer, access MATLAB Online (cloud based MATLAB) and download the MATLAB Mobile App for free.

  • Here is the link you need to acquire the current UT activation key and create or update your Mathworks account. Download Mathworks Installation Instructions and Activation key (More Information)
  • Enter your UT netid and password
  • look for MATLAB under MathWorks, Inc. and select MATLAB Installation (or renewal if you have an existing copy of MATLAB 2017 on your machine)
  • Scroll back up to the top of the screen to 'Download Selected Item'. This link will download an aspx or pdf file with all of the installation instructions and the UT TAH activation key for creating a Mathworks Account. On the top of third page of the aspx or pdf file is the product key that you will need.
  • You will need to follow the instructions very carefully to set up a Mathworks account. You must use your email address when you register with the Mathworks web site.

Installing a local copy of MATLAB on your computer

Note: The local installation is very large (1.8GB) and time-consuming (~90 minutes). However, you will need a local installation for your team projects.
  • Continuing following the installation instrutions
  • You should download and install ALL available toolboxes for the newest release (R2017a). Many of the commands and tools we use reside in these toolboxes, if you do not have ALL the toolboxes you will not be able to complete exams and assignments.
  • If you have an older computer, it is OK to run an earlier version of MATLAB. Please refer to this Mathworks chart and install the latest release based on your operating system requirements and roadmap. Mac users: make sure you check this for determining which version to install.