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  • Exam 3 practice problems for new topics covered since Exam 2
    Here are some practice problems to help you prepare for the last exam. These problems cover the new topics introduced since Exam 2. Go back and review the posted example problems from Exams 1 and 2 to review the older topics:

    Chapter 5: 29, 104, 105 (centroids and center of mass)
    Chapter 6: 45, 53, 77, 85, 139, 148, 153 (frames and machines)
    Chapter 9: 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 133, 142, 145 (SMOA and MMOI)

    updated Tue Dec 3rd 9:19 am by lsharpe3
  • Online HW 4-2 & 4-3

    Online HWs 4-2 and 4-3 have been posted. Part of the assignments is solving for the radius of gyration about an axis. I will explain that in class on Tuesday, November 26 (I meant to do it on the 21st but forgot). You can skip those portions of the assignment until then.

    updated Thu Nov 21st 11:11 am by lsharpe3
  • Extra Credit opportunity
    I have posted three new online HW assignments (Online HWs 2-2, 3-1 and 3-3). You can complete the assignments as you normally would and you will receive a grade of 0-100% just like the other assignments.

    I will add up to 3 points on one of your exam scores for each of the extra credit assignments that you complete. Your grade percentage for each assignment will be multiplied by 3 points and the resulting points will be added to one of your exam scores. Please note that it does not matter to which exam score the extra credit points are added, as all exam scores are weighted equally to compute the final course grade.

    Example: You complete Online HW 3-1 and earn a grade of 90%.
    (90%) x (3 points) = 2.7 points... 2.7 points will be added to one of your exam scores.

    Thus, you could earn a total of 9 points to be added to one of your exam scores if you earn 100% on these extra credit assignments.
    updated Tue Nov 19th 10:47 am by lsharpe3
  • Online HW 1-2 will be posted after class on Tuesday, Sept. 3
    updated Tue Nov 19th 10:47 am by lsharpe3
  • Inclusive access for textbook
    I have added a link on Canvas for the Inclusive Access of the textbook.
    updated Tue Nov 19th 10:47 am by lsharpe3
  • ME 202 Teaching Assistant
    Erin Brown will be one of our TAs for the course. She will have office hours 12:40- 1:55 TR in NEB 223.

    I am working on hiring a second TA and will post their info ASAP.
    updated Tue Nov 19th 10:47 am by lsharpe3
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