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  • Final Exam review session Friday
    Breanna and Caitlin will hold a review session on Friday, May 6 beginning at 3:30pm in 416 Dougherty.
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  • Office hours this week
    My office hours this week will be Wednesday and Thursday from 12:30pm to 2pm. I will also be in my office before the exam on Monday.
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  • Clicker points added to EF grades
    A grade item has been added to the grades shown on the EF website. I entered the Total Clicker Points that you have earned this semester. The maximum number of clicker points was 260 based on thirteen in-class clicker quizzes. Please ignore the grade percentages shown in EF. The correct grade percentages are shown in the syllabus. Your average homework/quiz grade will be the sum of all homework and Clicker points earned divided by the total possible homework and Clicker points.
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  • Online HW 4-3 is posted
    Online HW 4-3 has been posted. I sent an email to the class regarding US units of MMOI. Problem 1 of this assignment is expecting units of slug ft^2. I will discuss US units on Thursday and you can skip this problem until Thursday.
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  • Exam 2 Review Session
    As mentioned in class, Caitlin Hensley will hold a review session prior to Exam 2. The review is scheduled for Monday, March 28 from 6:30pm-8:00pm in Dougherty 501. Also, Caitlin's office hours for Thursday, March 24 are cancelled.
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  • Truss Homework
    Two truss homework assignments have been posted. Written Assignment #9 is due Tuesday, March 22 and online assignment 3-2 is due by Thursday, March 24. Please complete both assignments. Have a good spring break!
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  • TA office hours
    Breanna Rhyne and Caitlin Hensley are the TAs for our section of ME 202. They have agreed to hold office hours to provide the class with additional assistance with homework and exam preparation. They will be available to meet with students in the MABE study room on the 4th floor of Dougherty just outside of our classroom. Breanna's office hours: MWF 10:00am to 11:00am Caitlin's office hours: TR 5:30pm to 7pm
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