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  • Monday, June 25
    Tasks for today:
    • 8:45 Driving simulation intro (IE). Those participating will be escorted one person at a time by IE grad student over the entire morning.
    • Robot Documentation - take picture(s) and video of your robot for your report. Make the video relatively short (30 seconds or so) Complete the web form and write a short report. See design project page for links.
    • Robot disassembly - When you have all necessary pictures and video, disassemble your robot back to the state as you received it and place all components back in the box. Make note of any missing or extra components on a sheet of paper and include that in the box.
    • Remember this is a team project! Divide tasks up to get things done!
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  • Research Project Participation
    Participate in a driving simulator study - $15 gift card! Requires parental consent for students under 18 yrs old. Details
    Release form
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  • Robot Software
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  • Welcome!
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