The engage Program

The University of Tennessee is home to the Jerry E. Stoneking engage Engineering Fundamentals Program -- one of the nation's most innovative engineering programs -- a leading-edge, success-oriented approach to freshman engineering education. The following topics are covered in nine credit hours of common first year courses.

  • Engineering perspectives: An introduction to the different engineering majors offered at The University of Tennessee.
  • Computer tools in problem solving: The use of Excel and Matlab to solve engineering problems. See EF 105 for details.
  • Teamwork: Because learning to be an effective team member can be just as difficult as learning the physical laws and computational tools of engineering, students are trained in the use of the team process.
  • Communication: Students are taught basic communication skills through written project reports and oral presentations.
  • Physics as an engineering fundamental: Topics covered include mechanics, fluids, waves, sound, thermodynamics, and electricity. See EF 151 and EF 152 for details.

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