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The University of Tennessee's Tickle College of Engineering is home to the Engineering Fundamentals Program (EFP) -- one of the nation's most innovative approaches to freshman engineering education. In this success-oriented environment, students learn by interacting with others to create solutions to engineering problems.

Contact Information

Director:Dr. Richard Bennett
Office Manager:Ms. Janet Coward
Phone:(865) 974-9810
Mail:Engineering Fundamentals, 207 Perkins Hall, Knoxville, TN 37996-2020


Common EF Announcements
  • Join us for our 2nd Biennial WomEngineers Day Conference in Knoxville, TN! WomEngineers Day is a one-day conference where professional engineers, business partners, and faculty provide expertise on both professional and personal topics related to career and life choices. We welcome all college students to attend this conference. Men are also encouraged to attend, as we will discuss topics of diversity and inclusion. In addition, we will offer a specialized track for high school students interested in engineering, including instructions and guidance from academic advisors and current engineering students here at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 
    WomEngineers Day will go beyond your formalized education by offering you a diverse group of speakers, discussions panels, and breakout sessions aimed at equipping you with the skill sets and knowledge to succeed. This is a unique opportunity for you to network, gain advice, and potential mentorship from successful professionals in academia and industry.
    For more information and registration visit our website: WomEngineersDay.org
    EF students can use this conference attendance for extra credit.
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  • National Society of Black Engineers General Body Meeting
    Our general body meetings consist of food, fellowship & general announcements on how to get involved and what N.S.B.E. means. You can get involved by joining the board, volunteering or becoming a member. Come enjoy time with fellow minority engineers and get inspired, academically and professionally, as we help you with course work and planning for your engineering career. Meetings are on Feb. 27, March 1, March 22 and April 12th in HSS Room 64.
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