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    Hope you enjoyed the semester. Have a great summer break. Best wishes for your future engineering career.

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    • Matlab Monorail: smartphone texting controls the train, a magnetic field detector is used to count laps and automate a gate, and an LCD screen displays control messages, weather conditions, and laps. Incorporates a Control Panel GUI, Plotting, an LCD library, 2 LCD screens, buttons, lights, and LIVE Yahoo weather reports.
    • Martian Roomba: object tracking, text recognition, and interactive smartphone control of the Rover through the telegram messaging App.
    • Mech Arm Advanced (S4-10) is a Glove Controlled Robot Arm
    • MARVIN (S2-1) enters different modes when different smartphone sensors are enabled: remote smartphone control, tracking, autodrive, circle, or stop. Marvin also incorporates mapping with photos of mapped locations.
    • Marvin the Martian Rover (S5-5) responds to voice using google assistant, reads astronaut ids, performs mapping, text recognition, has a control panel, and smartphone control.
    • Frootba (S6-9) performs Fruit Categorization and mapping, smartphone control, and team members created their own object recognition library.
    • The Toxic Train (S5-4) monitors the movement and delivery of hazardous materials using a control panel, flex sensor, and an IR Beam Break
    • Thomas the Controller (S4-4) Uses photo resistors and a GUI to track and calculate the speed of a train passing by with a plot output.
    • Pumba Roomba (S4-3) plots color and shape analysis, includes interactive menus based on object and text recognition, twitter updates, and sound.
    • the GMP Weather Train system (S2-2) has a water sensor and water control gate, LCD display, light poles, and flex sensor for wind detection
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  • Semester Grade Distribution
    Grade%% at or above

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