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  • Final Performance Results
    Performance points are based on maximum energy recovered, maximum power, and cost effectiveness (see page 5 of Project Description). The final results are shown. This was not posted prior to today because it includes the values that your team needed to calculate for credit in the results section of the report. The "cost" is separated into two categories-(1) those that actually weighed each of their components and (2) teams that estimated the weight of the components. If you had the lowest "cost" in your category, you received the full 5 points. If your "cost" was not the lowest, points were awarded based on the criteria given in the project description. If a "cost" was not calculated and presented in the report, your team received 2 of the 5 points. You are welcome to e-mail mkocak@utk.edu if you have questions concerning the total score and how it was calculated.
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  • Results for Day 1 of Testing
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