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    The first lecture for EF 151 is 11:15 AM Wednesday, August 17, 2016 in AMB Auditorium.

    ALL EF 151 and EF 105 classes (lectures and labs) meet as scheduled the first week.

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  • Homework Status
    Reminders: All correct answers submitted before the 110% date get the 10% bonus. You can work the homework for 75% credit up until the exam.
    Instructions for using the homework system are here
    Math Practice 18065.3110.075Wed Aug 17Thu Aug 18
    Online HW 1.1 7183.9110.045Wed Aug 17Thu Aug 18
    Online HW 1.2 3090.4109.920Mon Aug 22Tue Aug 23
    Online HW 1.3 1887.3109.913Mon Aug 22Tue Aug 23
    Online HW 1.4 1070.1109.84Wed Aug 24Thu Aug 25
    Online HW 1.5 870.7109.84Mon Aug 29Tue Aug 30
    Online HW 1.6 593.0109.64Mon Aug 29Tue Aug 30
    Online HW 1.7 484.4109.73Wed Aug 31Thu Sep 1
    Online HW 1.8 3109.2109.43Mon Sep 5Tue Sep 6
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Common EF Announcements
  • Engineering Mentor Program
    The Engineering Mentor Program is targeting rising sophomore and incoming freshman to become mentees. As a mentee you will get your own personal mentor in your discipline to meet with once a month. Apply here to become a mentee. Mentees have the opportunity choose their mentors based off a profile developed from the application process. EMP is a great way to network and build personal relationships across the College of Engineering and a great source of for academic and personal information about the workings of engineering and UTK. View the Engineering Mentor Program Community Discussion here.
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