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  • EF 151 Spring, 2016 Grade Distribution
    Grade%% at or above

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  • Final Exam and Final Grade
    The final exams have been graded. You may see your score and view your graded exam and check it for mistakes via the web site. You are strongly encouraged to check the grading of your final - it is a big part of your grade and we want to make sure it is correct.

    You can view your final letter grade via the EF 151 web site (it will be at the top of your gradesheet) and via http://myutk.utk.edu. If you have a question, we will be happy to address it, but we encourage you to first check to make sure it will make a difference in your final grade. The grade estimator is a great tool for that.

    We hope you enjoyed the semester. Have a great summer.

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