EF151 Announcements

  • Last Lecture
    The last lecture for this class is Monday, Dec 1. No lecture on Wed Nov 26. The lecture will include important material regarding the final project and reviewing for the final exam.
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  • Please give us feedback about EF 151. Extra credit will be awarded for completing the survey.
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  • Homework Reminders
    Item100% dateCurrent %# StartedAvgMax#≥100
    Semester ReviewTue Dec 9 11:59pm1107635.7109.68

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  • Extra Estabrook 13 Hours
    In addition to being open during normal working hours, Estabrook 13 workshop will be open:
    • Sunday, November 23 4pm-8pm (Daniel)
    • Monday, November 24 5pm-9pm (Andrew, Jason)
    • Sunday, November 30 4pm-8pm (Tayler, Brandi)
    • Monday, December 1 5pm-9pm (Sarah, Rachel)
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  • Study Room Schedule
    The EF study room will be staffed during normal times until Tue, Nov 26. It will be closed on Wed Nov 27. A modified schedule will be posted for the last two weeks of the semester.
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