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EF151 Spring, 2006 - Introduction to Engineering Physics I

This class has finished.
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Final Grades - everything that we have has been graded and posted. If there are questions or issues please contact Prof. Schleter ASAP. ( The final exam solution and a copy of your final (via a link at the bottom of your login page) are available via the web site. You final grade will be posted to CPO on Friday, May 5. If you have questions about the grading of the final exam, you may submit those via email or by dropping a copy of your regrade request off in Estabrook 103.

Have a great summer.

Final Grade Distribution
Grade%% at or above
Open access to the final project gallery has been enabled. You can use this link to see the summaries, pictures, and reports for all teams.
A web photo gallery is now available. Feel free to include any of these as part of your team page - just save them to your computer and upload them to your team web page.
You may also upload your photos here to share with everyone.
A final grade estimator for computing an estimate of your final EF 151 grade is now available via a link at the top of your personal grade sheet.

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