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  • Final Grades
    Your final letter grade is available on your EF 105 grade page. Grading questions affecting your final letter grade should be emailed to Dr. Jeldes before 5 pm today.

    It was a real pleasure having you in EF 105. Have a wonderful holiday break!

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  • Final Help Sessions
    Listed below are the final help sessions of the semester. Dr. Jeldes, GTAs, and TAs will be available in Perkins 209 to assist you with EF 105 questions. NO evening help sessions (6:30 pm) on Nov 29 and Dec 1.

    Wed Nov 3009:40 am – 12:25 pmIsaac Jeldes, Makalee Ruch
    Wed Nov 3012:40 pm – 03:25 pmBrooklynn Isom, Abigail Harr
    Wed Nov 3003:40 pm - 6:30 pm pmDanny Splane, Philip Cutler
    Fri Dec 0209:00 am - 11:00 amDanny Splane, Abigail Harr
    Fri Dec 0211:00 am - 01:00 pmAbigail Harr, Philip Cutler
    Fri Dec 0201:00 pm – 04:00 pmMakalee Ruch, David Hamilton
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  • Flipped Classroom Technical Issues
    Two important reminders about the flipped MATLAB learning modules:

    1. Remember to turn off the pop-ups blocker in your internet browser prior working through the self-paced MATLAB modules. This is necessary so the quizzes inside the module are allowed to appear. You need to answer those quizzes correctly before you can move forward with the lecture. If you don’t unblock the pop-ups, you will reach a point where the Prezi lecture won't let you continue.

    If you don’t have a clue of how to disable pop-ups blocker, follow the instructions in the following link:

    Disabling pop-ups blocker

    2. Make sure you are logged in the EF105 website while you work through the modules. If the website logs you out (after some inactivity time), you may get an unknown error message as you work through the lecture. This is also a reason for not getting the quizzes to appear.

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  • Spatial Visualization Workshops

    For those of you that need help with visualization of 3D objects, please remember that we have set up workshops to help you, starting Monday Sep 12. In the following link under Workshop Schedule you will find the dates of the workshops that we will be conducting. You are required to attend only once to each of the four workshops, so choose the date that best suit your schedule. Attendance is mandatory. Remember that we want to build those skills that will help you to succeed in your future career.

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  • Laptop Section Requirements
    For those of you who have chosen to enroll in a laptop section for this class, be aware of the following:

    1. You are responsible for bringing a reliable laptop computer to every class meeting.

    2. You need to make sure that the laptop is fully charged at the beginning of each class period.

    3. The laptop computer must be capable of running MATLAB and Microsoft Excel.

    4. As a guidance, check the minimum laptop requirements established by the UT College of Engineering.

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