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  • End of Semester Details:

    - NO CLASS on: April 21st.

    - Final Help Sessions will be conducted during Lab 13 for each section in Perkins 209. Dr. Jeldes, GTAs, and TAs will be there to help.

    - The discussion board will continue to be monitored.

    - Don’t forget to fill out the Student Assessment of Instruction System survey.

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  • Welcome to EF 105 - Spring 2016
    Dear students,

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to EF 105: a fascinating journey through the fundamentals of computational methods in engineering. As we approach the first day of class you may find useful the following information:

    1. EF 105 will meet the first week of classes.
      • Thursday (R) sections, your first day of class is Thursday, Jan 14.
      • Tuesday (T) sections, your first day of class is Tuesday, Jan 19.

      If you must miss your first day, please email Dr. Jeldes: ijeldes@utk.edu to reserve your spot in the class.

    2. All classes will be held in Perkins 209.

    3. No textbook is required for this class.

    4. We will be using Microsoft Office in EF 105. If your personal computer does not already have this program, you can download Microsoft Office ProPlus at no cost, if you are a student whose primary affiliation is "student".

    Looking forward to meeting you!

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