Computer Methods in Engineering Problem Solving

EF105 Announcements

  • From EF 105 Procedures:

    Missed Lab

    • You are responsible for making up any missed labs.
    • You must make up the lab within two weeks of the original lab.
    • You may make up the lab by:
      • doing the lab and any associated work on your own.
      • attending another section's lab that week (space permitting and with advance notice)
      • attending a help session. GTAs will be available at help sessions to answer questions, but they will not lead you through the lab. You must use the lab notes and videos.
      Note: Some labs will require in-class work and thus must be done at a help session.

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  • Textbook
    No textbook is required for this class.

    We will be using Microsoft Office* in EF 105. If your computer does not already have this program, it is available for purchase at the UT bookstore/technology center. There is a UT student discount!

    *MS Office 2007 is acceptable, however the computers in Estabrook use MS Office 2010.

    Mac users will need to purchase Microsoft Office for Mac. The software that comes standard is not sufficient.

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  • Remote Access for EF Server Files (Estabrook H: drive)
    Please follow guidelines in the following link for remote access to your H drive.
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  • Calendar
    The EF105 Calendar is tentative and subject to changes.
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