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Engineering Fundamentals

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Computer Methods in Engineering Problem Solving


Common EF Announcements
  • University SAIS class evaluations
    University SAIS on-line class evaluations are available at
    added Mon Nov 26th 8:00 am
  • Spring, 2008 First Year Studies Seminars
    The EF faculty encourage you, if you have space in your schedule for the spring, to consider taking a FYS 129 one-hour seminar. The list of topics available is wide and interesting, including two taught by engineering professors:
    FYS 129, section 19: The Steam Engine and Society, Dr. Don Daring
    FYS 129, section 45: How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Dr. Greg Reed
    added Wed Dec 5th 10:18 am
  • Estabrook Fire Drill Procedures
    Estabrook Fire Drill Evacuation Procedures
    added Wed Oct 17th 8:00 am