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EF 101 - Engineering Approach to Physical Phenomena

The EF 102 - Spring, 2005 web site will go on-line on January 6, 2005
EF 101 final exam grades have been posted. Final exams can be reviewed in Estabrook 103 starting on December 13 and at the beginning of next semester. Questions about your final grade should be directed to Dr. Parsons (, 974-9810.)
Information on Engineering Curricula for Fall of 2005

Recently (11/23/04), all engineering departments have passed revised curricula that are intended to go into effect in the fall of 2005. These curriculum changes are not official until they are passed through the university curriculum committee and receive approval at the university level. This will probably happen in February 2005. All current freshmen will have the right to graduate under the new or old curricula, although most will benefit from adopting the “new” (number of hours to graduate has been reduced, for instance).

There will be a “blanket substitution” of first-year courses in the old curriculum for first-year courses in the new curriculum to facilitate this change and that process should be transparent to you. There will be detail differences in this blanket substitution depending on the department you are entering, and these differences have not been completely worked out. Please remember our intent is that a curriculum change is something we are doing to help you, not penalize you.

You should not change your spring course selections based on rumors and information received from other students. Remember Dr. Scott’s orientation advice, “If you have a question, ask the person who is paid to know the answer.” Our best overall advice is to let us do our jobs and design a smooth transition for you. Don’t get caught with half of one curriculum and half of another. If you have specific questions contact Dr. Scott in Estabrook 100 or the advisor in the department you intend to enter.