Turning Tech 8.0 Data to Custom LMS

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The Grading Machine

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MATLAB – Raspberry Pi – Playing MP3s

Needed to install omxplayer, but needed internet connection to do this. Also needed a way of running omxplayer in the background, thus the screen command is also installed. Enable wifi edit /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0

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MySQL Nightmare

I somehow unknowingly upgraded the MySQL server to 5.7.14 (was 5.0.95). In hindsight that was on Aug 10. Didn’t realize this until I rebooted the server on Aug 20 and EVERYTHING stopped working. Several documented changes ‘got’ me. No more support

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Reading a barcode image with PHP

I thought this would be trivial. Several hours later … Command line utility for decoding barcodes zbar  – http://zbar.sourceforge.net/ ./configure –without-qt –disable-video –without-python make install Extension for running zbar from PHP https://github.com/mkoppanen/php-zbarcode downloading this gave a directory with a config.m4 file.

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ffmpeg -r 24 -pattern_type glob -i “*.jpg” -an -vcodec libx264 0323.mp4

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Quicken Software Migration

Migrated my wife from Quicken 2006 on the MacOS to Quicken 2016 on Windows. Quicken’s “official” stance is they don’t support converting from versions more than 3 years old! Thus we had to use the QIF format to export and

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Rotating many pictures

We recently had a project where students uploaded pictures from their phones to our web site. When the pictures were viewed via a web browser (Chrome) many had the wrong orientation (rotation). This one command fixes them all! find .

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Video Summaries for EF Classes

Fall, 2014 EF 230 – first semester as a online class – videos for all labs: http://ef.engr.utk.edu/ef230-2014-08/modules/video-list.php Fall, 2015 EF 151 – Exam Solutions http://ef.engr.utk.edu/ef151-2015-08/control/exam-video-list.php Spring, 2015 EF 151 – Flex Fridays http://ef.engr.utk.edu/ef151-2015-01/control/flipped-lecture-list.php Spring, 2015 EF 152 – Exam Solutions

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Resizing Images / Making Thumbnails

This command creates a thumbnail image in the th subfolder for all found files that are two levels below the current directory. The th subfolder must exist. find . -maxdepth 2 -iname ‘*.jpg’ -execdir mogrify -thumbnail 150×150 -auto-orient -path th {}

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