Summer RISER Camp


For students to place into Calculus, and be successful in their math and engineering courses.

Summer 2015 RISER Camp

August 2-12, 2015


  • Lectures relevant to the math placement test
  • Personal help to prepare students for the test
  • Activities to acquaint the students with the UTK campus, faculty, and support services
  • Lectures and tours to introduce the students to the various engineering departments

Benefits of Attending RISER Camp

  • Place into Calculus I and Engineering Fundamentals in Fall semester
  • Develop a network of friends and form a study group
  • Learn about college life and become acquainted with the university
  • Move into the dorm early, avoiding the rush


YearNumber of AttendeesPlaced into EF 151Passed EF 151Comments
  • Eight students passed EF 151 in Fall; one student repeated EF 151 in Spring and passed
20131110, of which 9 registered7
  • Two students already qualified for EF 151 but came to camp for math review; one of these students left COE before start of Fall semester
  • One student chose to stay in Pre-Caluculus; did not feel ready for Calculus; passed EF 151 in Spring

Comparison of RISER Camp student performance in EF 151 to other students

There are three categories of Math ACT 27 students:
  1. Student who bump themselves up to EF 151 through AP, IB, dual enrollment, or the math placement exam. In Fall 2012 EF 151, 29/34=85% of those students passed EF 151.
  2. Students who bump themselves up to EF 151 through the RISER Camp. In Fall 2012 EF 151, 8/10=80% passed EF 151. Subsequently, one of the two students who did not pass EF 151 in Fall 2012 passed EF 151 in Spring 2013.
  3. Students who took precalculus in Fall 2012, and EF 151 in Spring 2013. In Spring 2013 27/35=77% of students with a Math ACT of 27 passed EF 151.
In summary, RISER camp students perform similar to other comparable students in EF 151.

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